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The China Cleantech Accelerator

The China Cleantech Accelerator will provide Nordic cleantech companies with a platform to expand out on the China market efficiently and with security.

What the China Cleantech Accelerator Provides


A base for the Accelerator has been established in Shanghai. This will work as an initial, efficient and easy accessed landing base for the Nordic cleantech companies.

Wide Network

Short cuts to the market will be provided through a large network of industry companies, for instance from the China Cleantech City Group etc.

Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities will be provided by a China Venture Group and from selected cross-boarder funds.


Tailored training modules will be developed with our local partners, this will include subjects such as who the important actors are, administration, market insight, legal aspects and more.

Technology Validation

A group of technology validation experts is being put together.


A specific IP-center with the purpose to support the development of solid IP strategies is being set up.

The Partners

The core partners will provide a short cut to the market as well as expertise to the Accelerator.


CECEP Jiaxing

Industry Partners

A group of  Chinese industry companies have been engaged as core partners to the Accelerator. The core partners has been offered a front row seat to the companies entering the China Cleantech Accelerator and are being profiled as founding partners. The ambition is to have about 10 industry companies, so far two are included; Shanghai Electric and Shanghai Aerospace. The industry group will open their doors and provide a short cut into their companies. The Accelerator will invite a few multinational corporations with extensive activities in China to this group as well.

City Group

The Accelerator is partnering up with a group of Chinese cities, these cities will through their commitment be profiled in Europe as founding partners of the China Cleantech Accelerator. The ambition is to have a group of 10 cities, so far Yangchen, Shanghai and Jiaxing are included.

Venture Group

A founding group of Venture Capitalists will be invited to get a front row seat to the companies brought into the Accelerator. On top of this the Venture Group will channel investment opportunities from the City Group and Industry Group. A specific partnership will be made with a selected group of cross-boarder funds that are committed to invest in the companies in the Accelerator.